just a quick post..

I just read my Blog and realized that although I have added the blinkie I never ANNOUNCED formally that I made the 2 Croppin Cousinz DT!!!! my term begins March 1st and I couldn't be more excited!! the women on the site are welcoming and my good friend Alicia is there. I've had fun getting to know everyone over the last month, and even managed to win myself a contest to boot!! the cousinz mailed me an awesome prize! (I posted about it on their MB with a picture!) I hope to have some fun things planned there soon, things I've always wanted to do and share but hadn't yet. so happy this will the place that that will happen. if you haven't been there or registered check it out, you definately won't be disappoined!!

I have some YUMMY Lo's to add to the blog on Saturday. The new kit for http://www.2croppincousinz.com is being revealed on the site Saturday and I can upload the creations I made using the kit. AWESOME kit, so verstile and I love what came out of it!! I haven't forgotten you my dearest blog. Things have been crazy in the scrapbook world, and I felt like I needed to take a little break from everything. from posting, from MB's and focus on creating art, and that's what I've spent my time doing. I managed to get 4 LO's and one card finished in a just a few days, which is a miracle for me. I'm such a slow scrapper.

to all my friends in cyberland. I am missing you more than words. I hope you know that. XOXOX - see you on Saturday! :)


Colleen said...

Congratulations and well deserved.

FYI, when you click on the link to the site it didn't work, I think you need to add.com to make it work.

Leah C said...

WOOOHOO Jess!! That is awesome!! You will do amazing work there, that's for sure!!

Alicia Barry said...

Yay Jess. So happy we get to play together again.

Michelle said...

Congrats Jess!they are lucky to have you your work is always AMAZING!

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