Christmas in July?

well that's exactly what it is! I was working on the next CJ which is for holiday recipes and I love christmas cookies, so I thought it would be fun to add that for my entry. kinda wierd getting in the Christmas spirit though!! after that is the next two LO's created for Scrappin' the Music! Soak Up the Sun is this week's challenge, head on over and check it out! link on my side bar! ----------------->


Spirituality. and a kiss!

I LOVED working on Judi's circle journal and was so greatful to have to opportunity to add to it! what a great topic!!

Next is the LO I did for scrappin' the music a few weeks ago, Armageddon's Don't want to miss a thing!


Tyring to get my mojo back, get some pictures scrapped, and try something new!

Do any of you read Cathy Z's blog? I read her each week and she came up with a digital template to use to create a "year in photographs". Her pages were amazing and her asthetic is really similar to my own. Clean lines. graphic. beautiful white space. pictures. This is right up my alley. Now I don't digi scrap. I never have. Tried it once. Didn't work. but this was too beautiful. and I couldn't resist. I have both templates because..well. I got the first one and realized that I couldn't put my photos into each monthly page, which was part of the draw for me. So I went and got the second.totally digi templates as well. I know how to use photoshop (which is a big plus) and followed the instructions. So far, so good. I love the results. I love trying this in 8.5 x 11 (I never scrap that size and have had an empty album forever) and I started. Now mind you, I've only created January's first page. But I'm happy. SO HAPPY with the result and the rest of the templates will walk me through each month. I can't wait. FINALLY something I can do, something that's not too difficult (now to go and invest in more 8.5 x 11 photo paper, white cardstock, photo ink and black printer ink. YIKES!) If you are interested in getting the digi kit you can get it here: monthly 8.5 x 11 set  or you can check out Cathy's blog post to see how she is using this here: The monthly (Cathy's blog post)  I tell you. It's changed me. for the better. (by the way I'm using a different Scarlet Lime kit each month, what a fun way to showcase them!)

so what are you waiting for? *updating to load the next three pages, i'm having so MUCH FUN! hybrid scrapbooking where have you been all my life?

Scrapping the Music and CJ entry #2 - A day in my life

Hello Friends. Well Circle Journal #2 is officially on it's way, and what a fun topic! A day in my life. it is only an 8 x 8 journal so I didn't want to overcrowd it with pictures, but immediately the title made me think of one of my favorite Beatles song "a day in the life" so in the spirit of scrapping song lyrics I thought it would be perfect!

And here is my LO from a couple of weeks ago for scrapping the music "Be somebody" by nickleback. (the glimmer mist I used made the paper wavy. UGH!)


Circle Journal - Sisterhood of the traveling scrapbook

Getting my circle journal ready to travel has been a LABOR OF LOVE that's for sure! seems like it takes forever, and I'm so indecisive! I will create my cover and back cover when it comes home. But for now, here is my intro page, sign in page, sign in tag and my two pages. Can't wait to see it when it comes home in 9 months!! :)


Lets see....7 months and no posting? what is wrong with me?

WOW. life is busy and hectic and I'm scrapping, but very little, and obviously I'm certainly not posting. time is not my friend these days, I'm so sorry, here's a few of my latest. if you stop by SAY HI! :) I miss all my scrappy buddies!