I've Been Tagged....TWICE!

CHA was AWESOME! so much walking and so much WORK, but oh so great. The best part was seeing online friends and having time to just be with them. to hug them IRL and tell them how fantastic they are. Pictures will be coming soon!!! *I was only home one day before I had to go back to work, and Tyler's birthday party is this weekend, so I've been SLAMMED*

Okay, It's about time that I get around to completing my TAGS from Kerryn and Michelle. (thanks girls!)

From Michelle and Kerryn:

What was I doing Ten Years Ago?...

*Just starting my new job at Standard Insurance (I'm still here!) and finding out that I was pregnant with my much anticipated second child Allison. :)

Five Things On Today's "To Do" List

*Take McKenna to Gymnastics
*Pay Bills (ugh!)
*Finish my LO that I've been working on for 2 days
* work. :(
*Order my Son's birthday cake

I'm addicted to:

*So you think you can dance
*Monster Loca Moca energy drinks

Things I Would Do If I Were a Millionaire...

*Take a month long trip around Europe
*pay off friends and families houses
*buy my DH a Harely
*build my dream house

Snacks I enjoy:

*sour cream and onion chips
*Jelly Belly jellybeans
*Jolly Ranchers
*pretzels and cream cheese
*Hummus and pita chips

Places I have Lived...

*Gresham, OR
*Canton, Ohio

Totally Fun! if you're up for a TAG answer the questions and leave me a comment that you completed the tag!!!

see you all in a few days with CHA photos and new LO's!


It's the 1st!! woo hoo!

I love the first of July. Not only is it my Husband's birthday (Happy 34th birthday Roy!) but it's also reveal day for the http://www.2croppincousinz/ kit! I adored this kit. everything about it was amazing!
This is my All Time favorite picture of my niece Kamryn. she's a tough one to catch, and she's just gorgeous. tfl!
These pictures were taken after the kids' dance compition just before a massive rain storm, it was warm and nice all day, and we came home to thunder and lightening and sky that was magnificent for a few minutes!

Allison's birthday was so fun this year, we gave her a surprise party, she loved every minute!!

these pictures of McKenna were taken after her spring recital. the cafeteria was too dark for pics really, but after we got some fun shots! she's a total goof. the flower embellishment is made by me, and I posted instructions and it's available in PDF form (thanks Alicia Barry!) on http://www.2croppincousinz.com/